Are You Running Everyday, Not Losing Weight & Getting Running Injuries?

Are you running daily because you love it?  Or maybe it’s because it’s the most convenient exercise?  Or a great way to destress?  I love running too, for all the above reasons but.. I know that I feel better when I do other exercises and even get faster too!  I haven’t been injured by running but had some pains.  Those pains tell me to strength train or stretch or lay low on running and switch to another exercise program.runner

When you run, you will get overworked muscles and tight muscles.  You will also get muscles that become weak due to no exercise in those areas.  The common tight muscles are hamstrings and low back. Running only will create a weak core too.  And the overworked muscles will be the quadriceps (front of thigh) and calves.

Be sure to stretch and strengthen!!!  Strengthen the core.  Stretch the front and back of your legs.  Be sure to give attention to stretching your back too.

Can I recommend a cross training program for you?  This is one I enjoy so that I can run faster and also so that I can get a tighter core, Focus T25.   Insanity is great too, giving you the core you want and the cardio total body workout too.

Here’s a quick video on this!

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