3 Reasons why “You Have Time to Exercise”!

Time to exercise, lose weight over 40One of the top reasons why people don’t exercise is because they have no time.  I believe that’s untrue.  You have time for other things, such as TV, friends, social, and on and on.  I would venture to say that it’s just not part of your “fun list” and it definitely doesn’t make immediate income, so it’s not even part of the “earning money” list either.  It also impedes any family time and doesn’t fall into that category.  It’s definitely not pampering or comforting… yet.  FYI – here’s quick exercise tips and types! 90 Second Fat Burner

Now is the Best Time!

Now is the best time to find your joy through exercise.  You’ve been putting yourself off for too long.  Your health might already be on the decline.  Your weight might put you into the obese category, which is something you are secretly disgusted about and in disbelief.   Naturally health and energy decline as we get older but there’s a way to slow down the process.  Consistent joy filled exercise will not only slow down the process but give you a new life.  This is really the best time to gear yourself up towards retirement, even if you are 10-20 years away from retiring.  Don’t wait till retirement to get into shape cause by then it will be too hard to get started.  You definitely can start exercise and healthy living at anytime but why not jump into retirement with amazing, fun plans rather than using your retirement time as a way to be open to more doctor’s appointments!  Let’s start your joy filled exercise and happiness sooner than later!  Ready to commit?!  I’ll convince you yet!

First Reason: Live Life Fully

Unleash your creative power! I bet you are just like me and have a ton of great information in your head, ready to share with others.   You could probably write a book too!

Your job or business could use your creativity.  Unleash your increased creativity into your job or business, and find your effectiveness increase.  When that happens, what else could possible happen?!  Maybe more money, and more opportunities.  Leading to your ability to live your life the way you want, right?!

Now you can do more fun things!  Travel to places you are enjoying in magazines or online, maybe.  If that’s not appealing now, things change when you become fit and healthy.

Survival of the Fittest

We’ve seen many natural disasters over the last few years.  I don’t know a time when I’ve seen more!  Nothing is permanent.  At the end, you have your body and what you can do with it.  The question is, can you escape it with your healthy body?

Will you be the one who helps others or needs to be helped?  Remember, when we fly in an airplane, the instruction is to put the mask on your face first and then help someone.  Can you start by helping yourself?  Once you help yourself, can you help another person?

You need to be able to get yourself out of a tight situation, with your own strength and stamina.  Then you need to be able to dig into additional energy and strength and save your family.  Imagine the anguish if you can’t save your own children!  I know of such a story!  A young girl wanted to go into a pool that they were house sitting.  She jumped in but couldn’t swim.  The mother just watched her drown because she didn’t know how to swim either!

What if you Don’t?!

What will your health be in like in 5 years? In 10 years?  That could shape your retirement you’ve been working so hard for.   Your current life and future life is shaped by your daily decisions to live a healthy active life full of happiness or one that doesn’t have illnesses and incapacity.  Every day, like a river, the rocks are shaped by the stream of water that flows down.  Nature decides for the river, but you decide daily for you.   If you choose a healthy lifestyle I’ve been speaking of, you will avoid being forced to diet and exercise by your doctor.  And if you don’t, you might have surgery or might pass early.

Your daily choices will impact your ability to show up to family events, your appearance in photos and very importantly, your independence to do things for yourself without needing anyone.  If all this is important, it’s time to make daily decisions to find and do joy filled exercise.  Using exercise as your release from crazy life demands and finding your inner child.  It’s not a chore.  It’s fun.  What’s your fun time?  What will be your release?  Start.

Please do yourself a favor.  Find it and start for a few minutes today.  You are worth every minute of exercise but when we say we don’t have the time, just start with a small amount of time.  You have 10 minutes right?!

Wanted added motivation and scheduling advice from a very busy person, please feel free to contact me.  I’m a busy person and can help you schedule 10 minutes to get you started.

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