Quick Busy Woman Fitness – 90 Seconds Fat Burner!

We are all so busy as women over 40 and Moms!  We do so much for everyone and wonder how we can fit even a small amount of exercise in that will burn fat, especially that baby bump!  I promise, it can be gone with good healthy nutrition and workouts that burn fat.  Nutrition is 80% so please get that right!

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Here’s your 90 Second fat burner!!

The reason this “trick” works is that it makes extra calories go preferentially into your muscles rather than being stored as fat.  Making your muscles great fat burners!

Here’s all you need to do: Perform short bouts of simple body weight exercises, lasting at least 90 seconds.

Use a combination of exercises that activate larger muscles (like your legs, chest/arms/back). For example, squats, lunges, jump squats, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, etc.

Go as hard as you can (using good form of course) for at least 90 seconds.2014-11-15 09.57.27

Ideally you would do this 15-30 minutes before eating, but you’ll benefit if you do it within 90 minutes after too.

Modified push ups1The best thing is, it’s fast and you can do it pretty much anywhere. If you’re at someone else’s house, you can even do it in the washroom and no one will know.

So there you are… the perfect back-up plan.

You need one. I need one. EVERYBODY needs one.

Especially during the holidays.

Especially when you are tight on time, like we all are, busy women and Moms!

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