We all need a success partner and/or motivational group to carry us through our ups and downs as we travel along this health, energy, and weight loss journey.  Allow me to be your coach, your success partner, your weight loss partner.

Why me? 

I’ve been in your shoes.. maybe not your exact shoes, but as a woman, busyDSC_0015 and under social pressure, as well as career pressure to look the part.  Healthy and fit!  Have you ever met a successful personal trainer and group exercise instructor who was grossly overweight?!  Well… there’s an unwritten pressure as we are on stage all the time, to look the part.

I’m busy like you.  I had to figure out how to fit in fitness as I spent quality time with my kids.

As a professional trainer, I had to figure out the right workouts for busy women.  I can workout for hours but after making mistakes and having low energy, I learned that a 30 min workout with Burn Fat Forever techniques works great!!  Results and less time, perfect combination!

You have options!

Join my Facebook accountability group

Nutritional Cleansing and Rebalancing.  Become an Isagenix member for only $29 a year, plus products.  You will get an additional Facebook group with many, many trainers, education, workouts, recipes and additional motivational challenges.  This group, Highway to Health has proven to be a great resource for workouts and nutritional tips, to include the overnight belly buster.Cleanse-Image

Join Burn Fat Forever.  You will get customized workouts that have private DSC_0034motivational coaching, Burn Fat Forever exercises, Isagenix nutrition (customized to your needs), private Facebook group, email access and/or texting M-F 24 hours turn around, and more! I only accept select people for this special program, set up interview by contacting me with your best times/days. Don’t let your current results discourage you as I’m sure you’re as determined as I was when that bulge wouldn’t budge!!  Click to see what people are saying, reviews/testimonials.

10 Day Shake N Cleanse - Sign up Today
The jump start to for weight release

Enjoy a short Isagenix Cleanse, complete with shakes (from happy cows and organic).  This is a shortened 30 day weight loss program.  Proven to work better than the heart healthy diet.  Start here or 30 days, followed by maintenance. Simple for those of us on the go!  I cleanse too! Gives me energy, health for my busy Mom life.

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