What Women over 40 Want..

Weight Loss


No Gas or Bloated Belly

Control over their body

I am a woman over forty, who had children at a later age.  Busy like you and like you had to figure out what will work for my family while also taking care of my needs and desire to be healthy and fit. It’s a lot, I know. DSC_0029

Was I always fit?  No!  I evolved and everyday I evolve.  I had babies as I was turning 40 so it became harder to lose weight.  Then I became busy with kids and life.. sound familiar.

So I made a decision to take my workouts home, rather than the gym.  This is a huge time saver.  I will happily give you some workouts that are custom to your goals, and will support your decision to exercise at home with motivational check ups by text, phone or message.

The second decision I made was about nutrition.  We know that nutrition is 80% of our weight loss over 40, right?!  80 percent diet weight lossWell you do now!  It is, so get it right.  I did research about the right foods for women over 40 and the right quick nutrition found in a shake, that won’t give us women over 40 gas or bloating.  The last supplement line gave me gas and bloating, and wasn’t all that great tasting either.  A friend reentered my life and showed me Isagenix. I needed something with more protein, and less gas, bloating causing ingredients.  Something that would give me more energy to care for my kids and my busy life.  Got it!  They have weight loss solutions, energy and performance for the athlete in us, and healthy aging.  All will get you to your healthy weight faster than the heart healthy diet with delicious tasting foods and shakes.  Contact me for your healthy strategy session today – on me.

You can have this change too!  Enjoy the posts about losing weight fast and the workouts for us, as well as healthy recipes and even, kids crafts!  Please comment and tell me what you think.2014-04-26 10.53.24

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