Interesting.  The price of health and losing weight can be very different.  Some people think the price is the program price and some think it’ s priceless.  I would love to hear from you as to what you might pay for a good fitness program with weight loss success, so please comment.

  • What if you could have the energy to play with your kids and grand-kids?
  • What if you could fit into your expensive clothes?
  • What if you could finally enjoy new clothes that actually fit and that are “fitted”?

Once you answered all those questions, you might feel that the price for getting healthy and losing some weight, reshaping your body is really… priceless.

When you are in an exercise program that you enjoy and that is really working for you, you will have fun with it and get results.   Here’s some benefits of long term fun exercise:

  • Your heart is healthier – avoid number 1 killer, heart disease.
  • Your diabetes might get under control or go away (type 2).
  • Your stamina is up so you can do more with your time.
  • Productivity is up.
  • You are happier and more fun to be around.
  • Your clothes fit and you absolutely love it!!
  • You are stronger and can be more independent.
  • You have new fit friends to share your new fitness passion.  Fun!

After listing the benefits, don’t you think that your health and fitness are really priceless?  When you buy a fitness program, it’s not the price of the program, it’s the results you are buying.  You will be successful at the program, you have been successful at other things in your life.  You can be successful at anything – don’t doubt it for a minute!!  Stick with it.  You can lose weight and feel great.

Fitness, weight loss, stamina and more is …. priceless.  Wouldn’t you just love new smaller clothes?!

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