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Summertime seems to be when the movie industry releases a slew of movies.  We workout, exercise faithfully, and eat well at home.  We deserve a little entertainment.  So, we go to the movies, our kids go to the movies and of course, we might want some popcorn and soda.  But first…
Here’s some of the snack facts will might help you to think twice!

Snack Calories    Activity
Large movie theater buttered popcorn    1,220       Swim – 162 min
Jumbo movie theater buttered popcorn   1,640       Swim – 213 min
Soft Pretzel                                                     483       Run – 30 min
Snickers Bar   (theater King Size)               220       Jump Rope 20 min

There is a $.75 difference between large and jumbo popcorn but there is a 420 calorie difference.  How long can you swim laps? We are talking almost 4 hours to burn off those calories.  Is that realistic?

66% of movie goers buy something from the concession stand.  Since you are not allowed to bring your own food, you’ll most likely be in that 66%.

Yes, you can get popcorn, but skip the butter.  The AMC theaters now have Frooti Tootis, which are little fruit snacks that are a healthier choice than the Snickers bar.  They even have chocolate milk as a substitute for soda.  Of course there is always water to drink.

Be mindful of what you are eating at the movies and try to make healthy choices.  Remember the exercise goal you have, to become slimmer, trimmer and more toned.  Movie popcorn might be the first step in the wrong direction.

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