Do you ever find yourself stuck in a project?  Or maybe you just can’t think of the right words?  You just need some time or people to mastermind with… Go exercise!  Yes, take some time off and get away from the computer.   You will find successful ideas just coming to you in minutes.

What’s the best exercise for idea building?

This is best done with a more continuous type of exercise like walking, running, hiking, or bike riding.  Keep the intensity moderate so that you are getting into a nice breathing rhythm.  The thoughts will flow more freely then.  You might even find yourself drifting into the amazing ideas and lose track of time – great way to burn yet more calories!  You may want to push the pace and that might help your idea become clearer.  Everyone is different. See what works for you.

Let the ideas flow…

Then contemplate your stuck point, but don’t force it.  Allow the ideas to flow and allow them to keep flowing throughout the whole exercise time.

By the end of your exercise session, you will have your issue solved with some really great success ideas and you will have your workout done!  Be sure to write the ideas down as soon as you get a chance, so you will remember all the details of your exercise mastermind session.

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