Hello Runners!  I bet you really want to be a bit faster for the next race, maybe even a little bit leaner. Less weight can definitely help your speed.  There are some answers to this and you can do it in less time than any of your runs!

Two ways to get Runners Faster and Leaner

1.  HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This is intervals of higher intensity interspersed with moderately moving exercise, some rest too.  This works to lose excess weight becuase of it’s afterburn.  When you exercise at high intensity, your body burns calories at the time of exercise but it also has to replenish oxygen and resources long after the exercise session. Effective HIIT can be as short as 15 min and it works to lean you as well as make you faster!!!  The higher intensity will also make your muscles work faster when running.

2. Weight training circuits – A circuit is a series of weight exercises with little rest between.  Be sure to do a total body workout, including legs.  This works because your body needs muscle to be more efficient and more effective in your running program.  The circuit will burn calories during as well as it also has an afterburn effect.  Enjoy!!

Did I try this???  Absolutely!  I just loved the results.  I did Turbo Fire and became faster and leaner.  I substituted one Turbo Fire workout with my long run and added another.  Mostly, I was doing Turbo Fire, but hey, if I can run few days and get faster and leaner… got to love it!

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