What if you start exercising and eating healthy, dropping the junk food and you don’t see any weight loss in 2 weeks… is this normal or not?

Let’s set some realistic expectations…

  • Your inside body is going through changes that are not visible right away. It needs to purge all the bad that you have done to it before the weight can start to move.
  • Your metabolism might be lowered due to your inactivity and poor eating habits. When you start moving and eating healthy, your body’s metabolism also starts but slowly dealing with the change.  Within 2 months, your body’s metabolism – the fat burning machine – will be changed and burning fat more noticeably.
  • It takes more time for females to lose weight than for men because females have less muscle and with less muscle, the metabolism is lowered.  Females who have been inactive need to weight train to gain muscle and tone, so that they can look good and so that the muscle will assist the metabolism to burn fat quicker and more effectively.

Don’t give up too quickly.  It took a while to get fat and overweight, give it sometime and make it a lifestyle change.  Understand that it’s a process and a commitment.

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