Imagine if you always had an exercise partner.  Someone who was always on time and had an even cool, never a bad day, never a really good day either.  Almost a tag-along partner but yet, very motivational***.  Who could this be?

Meet the heart rate monitor!  This gadget is indispensable.  This is the monkey on your back.  And the cool dog tagging along.  Never leave home without this exercise gadget, whether you are choosing to exercise at home or at the gym.

With the heart rate monitor, you are sure you are getting a great workout, wherever you are and whichever exercise you are doing.  Without a heart rate monitor, you could be exercising too hard or too light.  Either way, you are not getting the right workout for your goals.

If your heart rate is too high for too long, then you could be hurting yourself, resulting in a lowered immune system.   If your heart rate is too low, you are not exercising hard enough and therefore, you body doesn’t even feel that you are working out.  Worse yet, your calorie burn is less than it should be if you were in the right heart rate training zone – no good for weight loss.

A heart rate monitor is a relatively inexpensive piece of indispensable exercise anywhere or exercise at home equipment.  Used correctly and understood, you will get amazing workouts that will give you the calorie burn you need to lose weight, gain stamina, burn more calories than before, and gain more energy, without compromising your immune system.

Feel free to comment about your experiences with the heart rate monitor.  Or if you have any questions about getting started with the heart rate monitor.  I just love this gadget and don’t leave home without it!

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