How could just one cookie lead to another and then another?  Can one exercise session lead to another?   Which one works better, the cookie or exercise?

I invite your comments.  Here’s my take on this.

The cookie is the winner!  You will find that if you eat just one really yummy chocolate chip cookie, you will want another, and then, just one more.  Sugar begets sugar.  The more you eat sugar, the more you will want it.  Kind of like a drug.  So if you really want the cookie, go ahead, have it, but be sure to walk away and become really distracted so you won’t have another and another and…  Too many cookies will lead to a guilt feeling and that’s no good!

Exercise, can it be as addicting?  Exercise, if it’s fun and intense enough will draw you in again and again.  How about a fun exercise at home workout, like insanity.  That will really pull you in, wanting more and more.  You will feel better, stronger, and will actually sweat.  All good and headed towards a leaner body.  Just imagine being leaner and meaner by this summer.  So, go ahead, check out and buy this insanity workout.  BTW – they do have a generous return policy but I can promise, you won’t need it.

Looking for your vote, will you be pulled into many more cookies or many more amazing workouts?!?

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