The number 1 question is:  How do I get noticeable results?  This comes from a person who is losing weight but doesn’t see a difference.  If you constantly look at the scale for answers, you will get discouraged.  You may see some weight loss but don’t feel any different.  Here’s how you can get noticeable results from your weight loss while not focusing on your scale.

Understand this simple fact… we have fat between our organs, it’s every where not just what we can see. Don’t get discouraged, keep up the good work! You may be losing some fat inside you, which is very healthy and soon you will lose more noticeable fat on the outside.

You will lose weight in the order its put on – its called First In, First Out. Basically if you gain weight in your arms, then your butt, then you will lose the weight in your arms first, then lose it in your butt.  We all want to lose in in our midsection and the butt, but for some, it’s arms first.   So stick with it!
Just keep going.  You are losing a healthy amount of weight and fat inside you.  Keep going and you will be happy with the long term results.  Just think, if you stop now….  so stick with it!
One more tip.  A great way to stay with it and lose noticeable weight is to just have fun with exercise.  Click here for some fun ideas.  And don’t look at the scale, just focus on fun!

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