“In general, any form of exercise, if pursued continuously, will help train us in perseverance.  Long-distance running is particularly good training in perseverance.”
Mao Tse-Tung (Chinese stateman, the key figure in China, 20th century, 1893-1976)

We learn a lot from fitness and doing something for the longer range goal.  Although not the first reason why we pursue being fit and healthy, attaining perseverance can help us in so many parts of our lives.

Fitness and our goals of weight loss and increasing our health and stamina all take time.  They all take our inner self to learn and practice perseverance.  The “staying power” to keep going even if something else seems to be more important.  That’s perseverance.  We need to stick with fitness knowing that it will produce results.  It may not be results right away, but with a little time, you will see results.

What if you are have been exercising for a while and yet, little results?  You still got some result but if you are getting results slowly, ask yourself and be honest about what you are eating.  Eating at least 3 meals, morning, noon, and evening?  Moving more and nearly daily?  If there is this question, and you want answers, feel free to contact me.  I am happy to point you in the right direction after going through your diet and your current workouts.

Think about the last time you achieved something big.  Maybe a college degree, a new promotion, weight loss.  It all took time and energy towards that goal.  It took perseverance!  YOU have what it takes!  Stick with it and you will get there!!

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