Do you feel that you don’t have the energy for exercise, for family or fun?  Wouldn’t be great if you could just take a pill or powder for lasting energy?  You can get and keep your energy all day – you just have to be strategic!

13 tips to boost your energy!

  1. Get your first energy boost of the day:  Eat a little something! Studies have shown that you will be in a better mood all day if you start out the day with breakfast, as compared to breakfast skippers.  Be sure to skip the higher fat choices and go for whole grains, lean protein and healthy fat.
  2. Fake your energy!  Put on a smile. Apply bright lipstick.  Wear clean clothes.  Your brain will feel your positive energy from your smile and will energize.
  3. Turn your emotions into energy – positive energy. When you feel drained from a tough time at work, rather than ruminate and keep the bad mood and draining energy, replace it with positive energy and thoughts about what good you have in your life.  This way you won’t be wasting energy on bad thoughts.
  4. Change your routine. The same old routine can be an energy zapper.  Try something new, maybe a simple new route to work, or new breakfast.  Change it up a little.
  5. After a long meeting – energize with something cold. Anything with ice will pick you up.  Stay hydrated and better yet, make it an iced tea for a little caffeine boost.
  6. Very little sleep solution –  Get small caffeine hits. Studies have shown that low doses of caffeine is more effective than a large cup of coffee.  Just sip your coffee all day!
  7. Energy to deal with conflict – don’t fib, it will zap your energy rather than simply telling it how it is.  If you are not truthful, you will have to keep thinking about what you said and that takes energy.  Wrap the truth in a positive spin if it’s not something good to say.
  8. When upset, keep your energy by… breathing! Yes, we get worked up when something bad happens.  But you have a choice to stay worked up or just breath very slowly.  Inhale for a 4 count, hold your breath for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts.  Repeat.  This works well!
  9. Energy to declutter – visualize a neat area. Clutter can drain your energy.  It takes up space but it’s also unfinished business.  We don’t want reminders of what we haven’t done so best to become organized.  Set a goal and do it.
  10. Afternoon energy slump -get moving! The more active you are, the better your circulation, the better it is for your blood to transport oxygen and nutrients – which is fuel to keep you going.  So take advantage of any opportunity to more more, take the stairs, walk more, anything.
  11. Get excited to exercise – create a fun playlist. Even when you are dragging and think you can’t exercise, you can with a fun playlist.  It’s a great energizing distraction and you will keep exercising longer and harder too!
  12. Boost your energy with a treat – Dark Chocolate! Sugar is not totally out, mostly, since you will have to deal with the crash.  But dark chocolate is different.  It has the stimulant theobromine which boosts your energy without jitters of caffeine.  Choose a peice with 60% cacao and eat it with a little protein.
  13. Stay sharp at the end of the day – stay hydrated. If you get dehydrated, you will see that you will be fatigued.  So be sure to remain hydrated with plenty of water.  Even a little dehydration can slow your metabolism and energy.  Drink water and eat water based fruits and veggies throughout the day.  Include potassium – to help regulate the water in your body.
  14. That 3-4pm craving time and drop in energy… have a shakeology. It will carry you through to dinner time without the high calorie snacks.  Order it with a money back guarantee.
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