The after effects of increased calorie burn can last a long time after the burn of the exercise session itself.  You can use this effectively to help you lose weight, making your exercise program work even better for you.  Read on and be sure to get the “After-Burn.”  At the end of the article,  you will have the opportunity to buy a great workout that will give you the “After-Burn.”

After you have done a High Intensity Workout, your body goes through what is called an “After-Burn”. This is the lasting affect the workout has on your body and metabolism after you have worked out for a given amount of time. Essentially your workout keeps on working for you and the benefits are numerous.

Let’s define a High Intensity Workout. It is a workout where you have reached at least 75% of your maximum heart rate and stayed there for 30 minutes. High Intensity Interval Training has the best “After-Burn” effect on your body.

Interval training is when you spend 1-3 minutes doing a form of cardiovascular exercise like running or jumping jacks and then follow it with 1-3 minutes of strength training exercises like bicep curls or squats or lunges. You continue the intervals of cardio, then strength exercises for 20-30 minutes. This interval training is highly effective for burning fat.

Research done on people who have done High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 2-3 times per week shows that the workout burns belly fat. What’s better is the “After-Burn” from these workouts burn belly fat too. The research subjects burned an additional 160 cals of fat in the “After-Burn” of their HIIT workouts.

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