When it comes to weight loss, you can move more and you can eat better.  That will help you lose weight.  You will be able to maintain a healthy weight forever, wouldn’t that be the best?!  Let’s start moving and at the same time, follow these simple rules to make eating a great weight loss tool.    This will work for most people without changing the foods you eat or increasing your activity. It requires a certain amount of discipline, but by following these four simple rules you can lose weight and keep it off.

Rule 1 – Eat Breakfast – Do not skip the most important meal of the day! Your body is in starvation mode and your metabolism is in low gear. Get up early enough to eat breakfast and eat as soon as possible after you wake up. This will get your metabolism cranked up and burning calories as soon as possible. Bonus tip – Add a little lean protein to your breakfast to increase satiation and really get the metabolism fires burning!

Rule 2 – Eat when you are hungry – Don’t wait until you are starving to eat, you should be eating every three to four hours. Use the 1-10 hunger scale with 1 being the hungriest you have ever been. Never let yourself go below a 3! Bonus tip – Every week buy a bunch of healthy snack bars and other items and keep them in your office and car where they are easy to get to.

Rule 3 – Eat slowly – Take your time! Enjoy your food, put down the fork or sandwich between bites. Chew slowly and thoroughly and don’t take another bite until you have swallowed the last. Bonus tip – Try not to eat while working or distracted like while driving or watching TV. Give yourself at least 15-20 minutes of undistracted time to eat. You will enjoy your food more and eat less.

Rule 4 – Stop when you are full. If you are eating slowly you will get full on a lot less food. Resist the urge to keep eating just because it tastes good. Don’t forget, you are going to eat again in 3-4 hours. Use the same 1-10 hunger scale above with 10 being the fullest you have ever been. Never let yourself go beyond a 7! Bonus tip – At home, serve less food on smaller plates. In restaurants, share meals with someone, or ask for a box when you get your meal and put half away before you start.

Follow these rules consistently and watch the weight come off!  Eating well can easily be your weight loss tool, next to moving more.  Of course there is more to learn about proper nutrition and health habits, but these rules are a great start for most people even if you don’t change any other habits or the foods you eat.

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