weight loss for exercise at homeWalking can be Great for Weight Loss!

As we well know, parties are fun and sometimes we can consume more than we should.  We need something we can do daily, with our friends, that’s simple for even us over 40 and want weight loss.  What do we do everyday, without fail (unless hospitalized)?  We WALK!

You want to keep exercise simple.  So simple you can do it anywhere, anytime.  Walking can be done as an “exercise at home” since you don’t need a specific place or gym membership.  You don’t need expensive equipment.  Just a good sturdy pair of walking or running shoes.  That’s it!  Some other things you might want are sunscreen, hat for shade, nice shorts or exercise pants, and tops.  You might also want music or just enjoy listening to the birds and the squirrels.

How do you make walking exercise effective enough for weight loss You want to change the pace to faster.  As fast as you consider moderate.  You are not walking to smell the roses but to get some exercise done.  You will be breathing more and sweating, possibly.  Once you have walking as moderately paced, you want to increase the pace for a short time, maybe 1-2 telephone poles. That increased pace will really help you burn more fat and lose weight while you are walking.  And gets the walk done sooner so you have time to do other things.

Make it effective!  Keep it simple!  Now, just do some form of exercise nearly everyday.  To keep your weight loss going, be sure to eat healthy most days.   Shakeology can be part of your day and help with your weight loss too, have a look here.   Reset your body can really help and retrain your eating habits.  And feel free to contact me to ask about anything, including a free Shakeology!

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  1. kristal jane

    Yes it is advisable that walking would able to loss a weight and it is less expensive. with the help of a proper diet you can gain loss weight.

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