Congratulations on taking the first step!  DSC_0034

This accountability group will get you amazing results!  I have seen people lose over 10lbs in a month and up towards 20lbs.  And they feel amazing, not deprived!  But you already know this so let’s get started!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Results!

Here is your very short to-do list.  It’s not overwhelming in the least, so knock it out so you are ready join our group and make a lasting impact on your health and waistline.  Simply click on the highlighted links.

Step 1.  Application – Fill it out.  I want to get to know you!

Step 2.  Schedule time for us to talk privately.  I prefer afternoons EST or evenings, but tell me your top 3 best times appointment booker.

Step 3. Plan on your fitness program.  You will need this for this for this group.

This can be confusing so start with asking yourself 2014-04-17 11.47.06what would be fun and what might you look forward to doing.  We can talk together to find the right fit too during our appointment.

I recommend at least 2 days of cardio and 2 days of weight training to start.  I have workouts to share once you become a member of Isagenix but you are welcome to choose your favorite workout programs.  Commit to become the most focused during your exercise sessions today, rather than going through the motions.

Step 4.  Facebook friend me or contact me if not on Facebook

Step 5.  Join our Community – either as a preferred customer or as a consultant.  You will take your starting measurements and keep them in a safe place or your favorite app!



Stay Motivated to Move to get Results!
Join us for Newest Specials, Accountability Groups, and more!

We want to do our best for our loved ones but yet, we are not taking care of US women! And gaining the worry/mommy bump or pouch.  Don't stress, in fact relax, join us and get permission to get amazing results you and your family deserve. When you are happy, every one is!DSC_f0525

Stay with me and I will be on your side, motivating you every step of the way! I'd be honored to support you in your health and weight loss journey.  I welcome all sizes - we are all important!

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