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Let me introduce myself!

I’d like to think I’m just like you.. Busy, chasing kids and their schedules and serving others needs while fitting in my own around everything else.

I’m a woman over 40, busy Mom of 2 very young children.  I had my children right when I was turning 40.  By then, I had an established lifestyle of health and fitness, fortunately.  Because little did I know about the importance of having haven't been running with Matthewstamina for my little children and their schedules.  And all the other women’s concerns that happen after age 40!


Women’s Issues over 40 – Bloating, Sleep Problems, Less Energy

“it’s normal” say the doctors!

I was absolutely floored when my doctors kept on saying that some of my issues were “normal” to women over 40.  My issues include: bloating, sleep problems, and declining energy levels.  I know it sounds minor, but these affected my quality of life, my healthy positive attitude, and my self image and belief that exercise and healthy eating bring on a slimmer body.  I couldn’t achieve slimness in my midsection, wondering if it was an over 40 body problem…

I Found the Answers!

A lot of my problems were diet related!  Not that I had a bad diet.  But as we get older, some of us are better to decrease or stop the grainy carbs and decrease the fruits.  This is not a recipe for all, but for many of us who have a bell bulge in the midsection that just won’t go away – after a lot of work!  I read The Primal Blueprint and learned all this and more.  Get it, Read it.

Second, I was using a meal replacement product that was causing similar bloating and gas symptoms in other women.  I ignored these cause I loved the company (Beachbody) but after I also didn’t have energy, I had to make some changes.  What did I have to lose?!  Could I possible change the “healthiest meal” and make it’s the 2014-10-28 21.16.09best ever?!

What do you have to Lose but Weight? or Belly Bulge – in my case..

On October 1, 2014, I ordered and then started the Isagenix products.  Full steam ahead to give it a shot, no reservations.  And within 1-2 weeks, I was sold!  I’m so grateful for the energy, shrinking belly, and overall healthy feeling.  Sleep is great too!  I don’t even need as much sleep.  It’s been amazing!  The cleanse day… awesome!  I even taught 2 mind/body classes and still felt fine.

I want to be sure everyone has a healthy life, full of stamina and energy.  We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves.  Our kids, our special people in our lives deserve the best version that we can p2014-10-30 14.35.21ossible offer.  Are you still worn out?  Belly Bulge?  With top notch healthy, you can achieve positive change!  But if you keep enjoying unhealthy options that don’t suit your body, you will feel it and you will cut your family short.  I want the best  for you!  Start today with a simple conversation with me!  Sign up for your appointment here.  It’s free – nothing to lose, and you’ll gain a friend.



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