Your “Comfort” for Stress Relief can be Healthy!

Yes, my world got stressful, almost first thing in the morning.  If you have kids, especially young boys.. enough said.  Every time I get stressed out and saddened by events in my life, I feel a pull towards unhealthy choices, such as “comfort food” or “comfort drink” or “comfort shopping.”  All of which feel good but have consequences.  The pull towards this is real so I totally understand what other people go through as they go for the comfort choice to dampen their stress and help them relax.  It almost feels like the devil is tempting me toward that choice!

I reluctantly say no and move toward my happy place!  The place that gives me joy, happiness, peace, smiles.  What is that for you?  It’s different for many people, but yet, we could have some overlap.  I’ll share with you my list.  My long bike rides, with a friend are my dream “comforting” exercise.  Yoga classes that I share with others, as a teacher or a student.  My essential oil, stress away.  Social time with another mother who understands, either through a walk or run time.

Once you find exercise that brings you joy in some way, you will use that as your stress relief.  Over time, you will enjoy exercise just to gain joy and fun in your life.  It will become your lifestyle!  When movement is fun, you will be well on your way to health!  It’s so exciting to show you this and even more exciting to help you find exercise you can do as your stress relief and fun time.  Let’s have a conversation to discover your joyful, stress relief exercise!  That’s gives me joy!  Contact me!

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