Play Exercise and get Happier!

Can play and exercise actually go together?  Is it possible to get happier from exercise?  Absolutely!  Exercise works not only on the body  but also on the brain.  Let me show you how you can simply play as an adult and get a good attitude adjustment! Let’s get moving today in a way that works for you, to play, have fun, or just to relax in a healthy happy way.

We all need a break from our very busy and hectic lives.  Exercise will not only give you the break that you desperately need but it gives you so much more, for the mind and the body.  Not only that, but with consistent happy and joy filled exercise, you will find that you will be consistent with exercise, have a more even keeled mood and attitude with more energy to do even more things you love.  When you can spend time doing things you love with who you love, then you will be happy daily.

With exercise, you can be a kid again and play.  Take a moment to think about how you had fun as a child.  Did you enjoy exercising in groups or alone?  Did you prefer a team sport or something where the results only depend on you?  Once you take the time to determine if you prefer groups, team sports or something that is more individual, you will be well on your way to determination your favorite exercise!

Get happier by matching your exercise to your mood and what would best honor what you need for happiness.  Would you prefer a quieter exercise?  Or a louder, faster, harder exercise?  Both have their merits but just be sure you choose something that suits who you are.

There are times when it would be best to have a quieter type exercise session, such as yoga or Pilates.  They will help you bring happiness back into your life by pushing stress away.  When you enter a yoga or Pilates class, you will be entering a new chapter of your day.  This is a part of your day that you desperately need to drop the stress and busy day and enter into calmness.  There is still plenty of work to do or you could choose a more gentle approach.  The instructor will always let you know that you should honor your body and what you can do.  Stay in the moment and be calm.

And there are times, when your personality might want loud music, punching, and or speed!  Those are all great stress relievers for the type of person who enjoys that.  Find a fun kickboxing class or other martial arts type event.  You could also add speed to any of your workouts, such as running or biking or a gym cardio machine.  It’s great to take your stress away with a high intensity workout and become a new happier person!

No matter who you are, we all deserve happiness daily!  Exercise is a great way to bring happiness into your life on a daily basis.  Honor what is right for you and your personality.  Some of us like to be quieter.  Some of us like louder and faster exercise.  Some of us want to exercise with others.  Finding a few ways to exercise will bring a nice even keel of happiness to your life.  And wouldn’t you be even happier if you had extra energy, back to a healthy body weight and more?!

Let’s get you moving!  Contact me to see what is possible for you and your health.

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