Campaign Against Being “Comfy” – Lose Weight

Now is the time of year that we settle down and get comfy. Comfy clothes, comfy couch, comfy TV and/or books. Comfort food. What can this all lead to? Weight gain! Let’s plan against this trend and go for weight loss this year!

It’s so well known that many people gain weight over the holidays, possibly 10 pounds. That’s a lot of additional eating and sitting! A lot of being too comfy.

If this is your trend, is this your year to get uncomfortable and lose weight?

I’ve found that I gained weight slowly, like it was just creeping on my body, unnoticeable until it was noticeable – at least to my discerning eye! I didn’t like this and made a very uncomfortable and very unpopular commitment to change my eating and be sure I made 100 effort while I exercised. In this case, I committed to drop sugar, unless it was natural, all done right on Halloween! Just imagine going through the holidays with less sugar!! I had the whole month of November to get used to this before Thanksgiving and then a month more till Christmas. My family didn’t like it and thought I was crazy but let me tell you – I lost weight and looked different while people around me just grew.

How about you? Are you just sick of the extra weight you gain during this time of year? Ready to change this NOW?!

I will be hosting a weight loss challenge group in January but if you can’t wait until then to get started, email me NOW here.

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