We All Start Somewhere!  But where?

Exercise programs for women over 40

Let me talk to you!  You used to exercise a long time ago, before you had kids and gained 50+/- lbs.  Now, you know you have to get back into exercise but want to start back where you lefJust got off or else you won’t start.   Right?!

We all start somewhere.  Today is a new day.  You are not the same person as you were pre-kids and 10 years ago.  Today, you have more weight and possibly less time, but know that you need to do something drastic about it or else you will keep gaining weight.  So how do women lose weight fast over 40?  What are exercise programs for women over 40?

They get started!!  And they have to start somewhere.

The somewhere part is not pretty, I’ll assure you.  It means you will be doing all low impact, boring exercise, but you will probably break a sweat, burn calories, and get your heart rate up.  You will be on your way to doing the fun exercise.  For now, start with marching in place or treadmill, side taps and modify all exercises to be low impact – no jumping or running.  The point is you will START!

START today with marching in place.  If this is too boring for you, then bring the knees up higher and you’ll see you will become out of breath, so then bring down the knees.  Ok, still bored?  Go for one of the dance fitness programs, like hip hop abs!  I love that program!  I also love Turbo Jam!!  Both really great ways to get your sweat on, burn calories and have fun!!  Both are great exercise programs for women over 40! 

Ok, enough for advice, stop reading and do exercise!!

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