Insanity Workout meets Mop!

I just had a fun time with Insanity, yes, the workout.  Crazy workout and fun insanity moptoo!   This is the kind of workout that people can get addicted to and even look forward to the next session.  It can easily be a great exercise program for women over 40.  You start out where you are and modify.  As you continue your consistent exercise, you will learn the moves and be able to do more, get more fun and more calorie burn out of the workout.

Today, not only was it a good time, great calorie burn, but also a sweat-fest!!  Yes, lots of sweat and some of it landed on the floor, our new floor.  We use this room a lot so the last thing I wanted was for people to walk on my messy sweat and take that moisture into another room!

This is when Insanity met Mop!!  Yes, I mopped my floor.   I’ve really been meaning to do this but not exactly at that moment.  You know, the perfect mopping moment may never really come so seize the moment while you have some fresh sweat on the floor.  And be sure to plan the mopping time into your workout time.  It will have to be part of my future workouts!  I’m actually looking forward to it so that I will HAVE to keep my floor clean!

Quick video of Insanity meets Mop!

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