How to Start Losing Weight with 5 Food Swaps

You can start losing weight today by committing to change your diet in a small way.  Just swap out 5 foods that have less nutritional value and more calories with foods that are fruits, veggies or just have less calories.  This shows you only 5 food swaps but there are more options.   Just start here and keep changing your diet and you will see your weight drop!!healthy breakfast for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, it’s about what you eat, so be sure to eat much better than before.  If you are not eating breakfast, eat breakfast.  If you are having lots of sugar, drop it.  Snacking uncontrollably, change that.  If you are eating too much at night or snacking too much, have some shakeology – it will change your world!

Have a healthy day!  Be sure to contact me for more advice specific to you!!

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