How This Mom lost her Baby Weight after 2 Kids!

This program that Lindsey used is a great program for those of us over 40, Brazilian Butt Lift is definitely part of exercise programs for women over 40!!

Meet Lindsey S.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for March 23rd!

I’ve always struggled with my weight. But after 2 babies (I gained 70 lbs. with the first, 40 lbs. with the second), I was still carrying an extra 25 lbs. And even though that wasn’t much, I might as well have had 100 lbs. to lose.

I had to do something. My daughters needed the right role model for being healthy. And that needed to be me.

Luckily a friend lent me her copy of Brazil Butt Lift, and after searching online for the workout schedule, I found my Coach and Shakeology. I immediately signed up and fell in love. Chocolate Shakeology is a LIFE SAVER! It completely eliminated my craving for sweets. It’s a milkshake that I feel good about putting in my body.

My Coach brought me into a Challenge Group, where I was surrounded by so many others on the same journey. This was where it clicked for me. I wasn’t alone doing my workouts at home. I had a whole network of like-minded people with the same problems, goals, questions, and support. It was awesome. People across the country that I didn’t even know give me encouragement and cheer me on in my successes.

And I’ve had successes. Brazil Butt Lift was the best. Leandro’s personality is infectious. He is so joyful and excited. I never get tired of him. And after 6 weeks, I had lost 15 lbs. I had major definition in my upper body and thighs. I wore shorts for the first time since high school…and I wore my bikini with pride on my vacation!

My life has totally changed. I’ve become a Coach to help others who were in the same situation I was. I’ve shared clean eating, Shakeology, and Beachbody programs with my family and friends. And my goal is to complete INSANITY and P90X before summer!

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