Exercise at Home with Your Toddler Present!

I hear it all the time, I can’t exercise with my kids.  Here’s my toddler, 2 year old, watching me and staying away from me too.  Yes, you can balance family with exercise and be the healthy example for your kids.  You can!!!

Of course, it helps that I do a shorter workout, and more intense.  Focus T25.  It’s truly one of my all time favorites.

A little more about Focus t25, by Shaun T...  one of my all time favorites.  I get a huge calorie burn and out of breath, and then it’s over!  Have a look, order it and you will be on your way to weight loss, weight loss at home.  Fill out the form below for what you are considering for your “challenge pack.”    This includes a healthy meal – can’t have only exercise since diet contributes 80% to whether or not you lose weight.. If I don’t get back to right away, please feel free to Facebook me and/or contact me.   Who says a stay at home Mom can’t exercise?!


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