Busy Moms – How to Schedule Exercise to Blast Fat = 500 Calories +

Busy moms, busy women, how do we possibly schedule one more thing in our lives when we are already doing too much?  Answer: We need to do the “extra” as quickly and effectively as possible!!  You don’t need to spend hours exercising.  That was life before kids and before tons of obligations.  Now you need to spend your time wisely, burning calories quickly and effectively!2014-04-20 15.34.39

Oh.. by the way, here’s me right after I fit in a quick run – so happy it’s done and my little guy enjoys selfies!

Here’s 5 Ways to Burn 500 Calories or More

Do three of these high-energy workouts each week to blast fat, build endurance and maximize results.

• Ride a bicycle at a speed of at least 12 mph (one hour).
• Run a 12-minute mile for one hour or a 10-minute mile for 45 minutes.
• Play tennis (singles match, one hour; doubles, 75 minutes).
• Walk briskly at a 15-minute-mile pace for 90 minutes.
• Swim laps at a moderate effort for 65 minutes.

But.. you can get it done faster if you did intervals of higher speed to moderate pace.  When I’m pressed for time, that’s what I do, add speed intervals.  Now, your speed intervals don’t have to win a race but you should feel that your fast speed is nearly the best you can do.  It’s about 90% of your effort.  If you have any questions about these workouts and more, feel free to contact me!  And schedule a time to strategize over the phone to plan your healthy transformation.  There’s something out there for you.    2013-ALA-Autumn-Escape-Bike-Trek-DP-photo-image-file-334

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