Get Healthier through Supported Fasting, Cellular Cleanse – Don’t Worry! It’s Easier than you Think!

Ok, Women and Moms…almost lent…

(Stay with me, especially if you want to get healthy in 40 days!)

Ok, Catholic Mothers …

It’s lent…


What to do?!!



  • Ugh, I got too busy to make my Lenten resolution! Again!
  • Lent seems to sneak up on me and take me by surprise.
  • Sometimes, I feel that the rituals are too hollow for me. I want more!
  • I love my faith but I think I’m in this alone.
  • I desperately want to be the shining example for my kids with all things Catholic.
  • I wait to plan my Lenten fast and probably don’t do it perfectly right!
  • I give up some food and feel deprived and no weight change. Yet, it’s not supposed to be about that.
  • I really need to get back on track with my healthy routines!
  • There’s got to be a way to combine health and fasting…?


#CatholicCenteredHealth #BESTLENTSTRONG



Each year I get a little better on getting a handle on living a healthy Catholic life, through lent and always.  Otherwise, I get “Catholic guilt.” I often wonder if this heavy guilty feeling is by design.  For us to get a little incentive to be better than last year, to grow more into what God wants for us, to give God more of our time and maybe take care of our God given body and people in our lives.  I want to do more prayer and sacrifice for all the right spiritual reasons.  But I’m pretty busy, so it’s got to take little time.  Last year, I nailed it!  I planned out the fasting as a nutritional cleanse and planned on giving up something I liked daily, substituting a meal with a healthy shake.  I also added in additional prayers or mass.  It worked!  I know I was sacrificing for all the right spiritual reasons. I felt better inside spiritually, and physically, I feel more energy with less weight!  Win Win!


I’m looking for SERIOUS AND MOTIVATED women who want to take control, and get into a healthy lifestyle eating, fasting, sacrificing, moving, and being the shining happy light in your loved ones eyes!  A lot of good can happen in 40 days or worse, a lot of bad if you don’t change something, up to you.   Let’s all become #CatholicCenteredHealth #BESTLENTSTRONG


Here’s what’s in it for you!


  • Specific nutritional cleansing regimen, nutritionally supported, and done weekly, will be your “fasting” days.
  • Nutritional cleansing shake days will be supported by delicious recipes and ideas.  Only 1-2 shakes per day, depending on your goals.
  • Monthly supply of nutritional cleansing with all the recipes, tools and schedules for your cleanse day and shake day success.
  • Daily spiritual moments of prayer and or a bible verse to contemplate.
  • Access to trainer recommended workouts that are 30 minutes or less.
  • Plus, any of my personal favorite workouts that have already burned fat!
  • And any of my nutrition tips that keep me on track!
  • One on one coach/trainer support from me (my favorite part).
  • Accountability in a positive, encouraging environment.
  • We will all be working toward similar goals with similar challenges.
  • Your participation is essential for your success.  People will notice the different and better you!

**Bonus:  Set yourself up for success, Belly Pouch Buster Checklist!  With optional custom jump start strategy call. **


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Let’s all become #CatholicCenteredHealth #BESTLENTSTRONG



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