Busy Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Simplified = Really Fun Life!!

Ok, Present and past, Retired Military Women and Moms…

(this applies to non – military as well… so stay with me!)

Let’s talk!


  • We’ve let ourselves go with no incentive to stay in shape.
  • We have no PT test, no weigh in, and no community to make us stay in shape.
  • Some of us still have this but… don’t always have the time during the busy work day.
  • We even feel alone at times… People just don’t understand what we’ve been through!
  • Women love community, but where do we get into a “woman only” military community that NEEDS to get back into shape now that we are retired/veteran and older?
  • Don’t even have the time! Caring for grandkids, kids, parents… oh my! And still working!
  • I get it, we are older and have less energy and so we might just rather sit, than move.
  • One day, we wake up and are frustrated with the number on the scale or worse, that the doctor tells us, we must do something different or else… and we see the reality of scary unhealthy numbers..
  • And that “creeping obesity” thing… ugh.. my reality.
  • Along with the “brain fog.”
  • Blood pressure, heart, respiratory, stress, sleep, joint pain.. There’s got to be a better way!


I GET IT! As retired military, I noticed how easy I had it to be accountable to the annual weigh ins and PT tests. I had to work out. But now, I can take the “easy way out” and relax, because after all, I’m retired! I’ve let it slip but once I got into a group of accountability partners, I was back in better shape than PT shape. I do so much more, because I talk to someone about what I did and what I ate. And because I sign up for fun events too!


Now I exercise and help people live the same life I live. I have great energy, very healthy, slim, and most importantly DO THE THINGS I LOVE WITH WHO I WANT! We ALL want to vacation, have fun with grandkids and our kids, and do as much or more as 10 years before! #RETIREDHAPPYSTRONG


Just think.. If you can’t really move or fit into some places and don’t have the energy, then you can’t really get to all the fun vacation spots and have amazing adventures. Honestly, that’s why (besides kids) I must stay in shape! Why I’ve moved down sizes and up in my energy.


Sound good?!


I’ve simplified this process of GETTING STARTED, with Busy Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Simplified Worksheet. This is a great place to start to outline and plan your exercise, food, and de stress activities. Can you think of 2 in each category?!! Really, it’s that simple and I give you ideas too!


Take this opportunity and get this worksheet with ideas. Then let me give you a complimentary healthy assessment session, where we customize how you will get started. This will include more details: exercise, food, de stress, time of day, particular issues and how to address them and other concerns. Please contact me after you get the worksheet, through the contact form.



Here is your first step to gaining control over your health through a simplified method!

Women's Healthy Lifestyle Simplified Worksheet

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